Italy appeals for an international alliance to develop a vaccine

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Italy’s Foreign Minister said that there is urgent need for a great international alliance against the coronavirus.

In comments to Italy’s Corriere della Sera, after returning from a videoconference this week with colleagues from the G7, dedicated to the Covid-19 emergency, Di Maio said he  told colleagues of the G7 about the need to systematize and share data, coordinate initiatives and strengthen them. “Health comes before profit. We are available to share our knowledge, but everyone must do it: the race for the vaccine cannot be individual. This is a war where we all fight against the same enemy. You only win together ” he added.

Di Maio added that this is a surreal situation in many ways, the government has had to implement measures that have already affected Italy’s constitutional guarantees, adding that the country is experiencing the pain of not being able to embrace our loved ones. But he added it is imperative that people stay home. “If everyone respects the rules, we will get out of this crisis first. ”


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