Italy introduces fresh restrictions on anti-vaccine holdouts

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Italy tightened the screws on people still unwilling to take an anti-COVID jab, sharply restricting access to an array of services and making vaccines mandatory for a wider group of public sector workers.

A government decree said all those still unvaccinated will not be able to access cinemas, discos, restaurants, theatres and sports events from Dec. 15, while anyone using public transport will have to be vaccinated or have a negative test as of Dec. 6.

These measures will run until Jan. 15.

The cabinet also extended mandatory vaccinations to all school staff, police and military and said health workers, for whom inoculations were already obligatory, will now need a booster jab if they want to remain in their posts.

Photo – A visitor wears a face mask as he walks inside the Cappella di Sansevero museum in Naples, Italy. EPA-EFE/CESARE ABBATE

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