Italy needs a strict lockdown – Virologist

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CDE / Tgcom – Italian virologist Andrea Crisanti said that Italy should consider a strict circuit-breaker lockdown to prevent the English variant from having devastating effects like in England, Portugal and Israel.

Virologist Cristanti said that Italy should have had a full lockdown in December while now it is experiencing the trouble caused by the spread of the Covid variants.

He added that in the zones where the Brazilian and South African variants were found, Italy should implement a Codogno style closure. The current ‘red zone’ approach is too soft.

The current risk due to the spread of the English variant is high. If it does not stop immediately it will greatly increase the circulation of the virus and consequently augment further the risk of other variants, including some of which could resist vaccines.

Cristanti said that the choice to confirm Health Minister Speranza was right as he knows the cards well and knows the situation and how it is evolving. However things cannot remain as they are. Things need to change, he added.

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