Italy reports 62,704 new COVID-19 cases, 62 more victims

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There have been 62,704 new cases of COVID-19 in Italy in the last 24 hours, and 62 more victims of the virus, the health ministry said Tuesday.

That compares to 16,571 new cases and 59 more victims Monday.

Some 292,345 more tests have been done, compared to 79,375 Monday.

The positivity rate is up from 20.9% to 21.4%.

Intensive care cases are down three to 206 and hospital admissions up 218 to 4,803.

The currently positive are 599,930, up 25,281 on Monday.

The recovered and discharged are 17,191,557, up 37,921 on Monday.

The case tally since the start of the pandemic is 17,959,329, and the death toll 167,842.

Italian Nobel-prize-winning physicist Giorgio Parisi said Tuesday that people still need to take precautions to prevent COVID-19 contagion, even though the worse of the pandemic is over.

“They say it’s all over, but it isn’t,” Parisi told ANSA.”Only the acute phase is over and facemasks are still important.”The ongoing new wave of COVID-19 will bring its weight to bear, starting with the emergency rooms.”We are going into a situation in which the epidemic is becoming chronic.”It’s difficult to have precise data in Italy, but it is estimated that in Great Britain 98% of people have been ill (with the coronavirus) or are vaccinated.”In practice, the number of people who have never encountered the Spike protein is negligible”

Italy has dropped almost all of its COVID-linked restrictions although facemasks are still needed to travel on public transport and enter care homes and hospitals.


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