Italy’s mafia syndicates increasingly moving into legal economy

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Italy’s mafia syndicates are increasingly infiltrating the “legal market” while engaging in less violent activity likely to trigger alarm in society as a whole, the DIA antimafia investigative directorate said in a report to parliament this week.

It said mafia-related homicides and reported cases of mafia association were down in the first half of 2021.
But it added that the propensity to corrupt the legitimate economy could be seen in an increase in the number of reports of suspect financial operations.

The report added that the crime syndicates are interested in the “most modern technologies and all instruments that enable them to rapidly and invisibly transfer money”.

It gave the example of cryptocurrencies, saying these made it possible to transfer money without the operation being traced.

A fikle photo of an officer of the DIA (Anti-Mafia Investigative Directorate) during an operation Naples, Italy. EPA/CIRO FUSCO


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