Italy’s patient ‘1’ discharged from hospital

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Matteo, Italy’s ‘Patient 1’ was discharged from San Matteo of Pavia on Monday.

The 38-year-old from Codogno believed to be the first ascertained case of Coronavirus in Italy when on the evening of February 19 had been hospitalised in the town of Lodigiano and then moved in desperate conditions in the resuscitation unit of the Pavia hospital.

On 9 March he began to breathe independently. ‘

I was lucky, stay at home,’ he said in a video broadcast on the Lombardy News Fb page.

7,432 people were healed in Italy after contracting the coronavirus, 408 more than yesterday. The emergency commissioner Angelo Borrelli said it during the press conference at the Civil Protection.

The total number of confirmed cases rose to 63,927 from a previous 59,138, an increase of 8%, the lowest rise in percentage terms since the contagion came to light on Feb. 21.

“Today the downward trend is confirmed – says the Councillor for Welfare of Lombardy Giulio Gallera in what he hailed as the first positive day.

The death toll from an outbreak of coronavirus in Italy has grown by 602 to 6,078, the smallest rise in numerical terms since Thursday, suggesting a clear downward trend.

“It is not the time to celebrate but we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel”.

According to the records of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Iss), the number of health workers who have contracted the virus in Italy has gone up to 4,824 people. This is equivalent to 9% of all the people who have been affected by the virus, which is more than double the Chinese rate according to the report published in JAMA (3.8%). The Fondazione Gimbe (Gruppo Italiano per la Medicina Basata sulle Evidenze) is concerned that the statistics might actually be higher. This organisation is demanding that tests are extended to all the health professionals and operators, and that all health workers working on the frontline in all emergency departments are provided with the necessary personal protective equipment.

Two more doctors have lost their battle against the virus. The Federazione nazionale degli ordini dei medici (Fnomceo), has announced the death of Leonardo Marchi, a specialist in infectious diseases and the director of the San Camillo Health Centre in Cremona, as well as Manfredo Squeri, a retired medical doctor who was responsible for the medical centre at the ‘Piccole Figlie’ Health Centre in Parma, which is regulated by the National Health Service.

According to Fnomceo, the total number of doctors who have lost their life because of the CoVid-19 virus has gone up to 19.


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