Jubilant atmosphere in Israel following 2018 Eurovision victory

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The Times of Israel reports about the jubilant scenes following Israel’s victory in the 2018 Eurovision song contest. “Israelis took to the streets and social media early Sunday to celebrate the country’s win in the Eurovision song contest, praising singer Netta Barzilai as “Israel’s best ambassador’ and excitedly awaiting the country’s hosting duties for next year. In cities around the country, people yelled and hollered when the win was announced, ignoring the 1:30 a.m. time on the clock to revel in the rare Israeli victory on the world stage.

In Tel Aviv, thousands of young people took to the streets after the victory, gathering in Rabin Square for a celebration at a site that normally hosts political rallies leaden with the reality of the country.

At 3 a.m. thousands were still there, raucously waving Israeli flags and partying in the streets. Some streets were closed by the celebrations, Israel Kan TV broadcaster reported.

Electronic signs in the city also changed to mark Barzilai’s victory at the song contest, the first win for Israel at Eurovision since 1998, following decades of middling results.

Despite the late hour (and the fact that Sunday is a workday in Israel) several politicians and public figures sent their congratulations to Barzilai on social media.Actress Gal Gadot, whose Wonder Woman character is referenced in Barzilai’s song, feted Barzilai on Instagram. “You represent the real wonder in women. So much Truth, confidence and talent,” she wrote.

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