Jurgen Klopp speaks on populist fear and lack of appreciation of peace

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The European election result in the U.K. was “surprising” and “disappointing” because people have misunderstood the opportunity of decades of peace in Europe since World War II, Liverpool Football Club manager Jürgen Klopp told Channel 4 News.

POLITICO reports that the  German manager said he was “mystified by the results and by politics in Europe more generally. “The European election was obviously not only pretty surprising and maybe disappointing for a lot of people in England. It’s a strange moment, I’m not 100 percent sure where it comes from.”

“We are the generation who didn’t face a war. So that gives you an opportunity to build constantly on the things you achieved in the past, because a war destroys everything and you start anew. So in this moment, people misunderstand that opportunity,” he said, adding that some politicians played on voters’ fears. “They always work with making people afraid of the future.”

via Politico  / Channel 4

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