Libya settled Lockerbie case with UK, US years ago

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Libya Observer quotes the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs in Libya, Mohammed Sayala, saying that the Lockerbie bombing case was settled by Libya with be US and UK years ago with the knowledge of the UN Security Council.

Sayala was reported telling reporters that any attempts to revive the case would open “hell of a door of compensation calls” on Libya.

From the report:

“These remarks came after the statement of current Foreign Minister Najla Al-Mangoush, who said the Government of National Unity would cooperate with US and extradite Lockerbie-wanted Libyan national, Abu Ajila Massoud, adding in an interview with the BBC that there are positive results in this regard as the government understands and pain and grief of the families of the victims but needs to respect the laws. US officials say Massoud, who was an intelligence officer and had been jailed in Libya for cases not related to Lockerbie, helped make the bomb that blasted the plane over Lockerbie. He was accused in the US of crimes related to terrorism.”

Libya Observer

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