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Life has become more dynamic and unstable for all of us. Very few of us, are with the same partner, do the same job, live in the same town, or even in the same country, for all of their life.

Of course this brings with it fear, resistance to change, and sometimes, pain. However, we can also see it from a different point of view. We can, instead appreciate that we are living in a world of opportunities, like never before. and that it is like living more than one life, in one lifetime.

There is a wider choice, of careers and jobs, of ways to do our jobs, and from where. You can choose to do complete different jobs during your lifetime; start your own business,  take a sabbatical; re-train; retire early; or travel the world whilst working online.

Unfortunately when we are younger, we tend to be pressed to follow the herd, we might not even question it – you complete your studies, find a full-time job, get married, start a family, etc., etc. Its “norm”-al, no?

Our parents, even if with our best interest in mind, also push us on this path. Unfortunately the options they see, are limited by what was possible at their time, and by the fear of seeing us “waste” our life.

Which means that many of us, are pushed into a life of dissatisfaction, unhappiness or worse. We take the next best thing, rather than follow our life purpose and passion.

In today’s world, with people marrying later or even staying single, it may make perfect sense for us, to try some “wild” things, including doing our own thing, or following a passion, when we are young, before we enter any commitments.

Some have numbed themselves, to the pain of not following their life purpose and passion. However, when you numb yourself to uncomfortable feelings, you also numb yourself to good feeling emotions.

Others, on the overhand, are acutely aware of it, but cannot see a way out.

Some, however, have made it. The world is changing. The opportunities are there. We live longer, and many could not take it anymore, and have taken the plunge into something new.

You can make it too. Other measures, such as changing your lifestyle, can also help you make it more possible.

So whether it is a need for change, you feel; of being stuck in a dead-end job; that something is missing; or that you are living somebody else’s life; Life Passion and Purpose Coaching, maybe for you.

Or, you may just, still be feeling, the pull of a life dream, you have put aside, for far too long.

You may also have been made redundant, and feeling lost and confused. You can turn this around, and see it, as an opportunity to transform your life around, and have a second chance to follow your life passion and purpose.

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