Luxembourg to roll out experiment into zero-fare public transport

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Luxembourg next year will become the world’s only country to get rid of fares on all its forms of public transport.

In this, the country with Europe’s highest average income, there is an infectious curiosity to see if people, including the bankers who commute in from neighbouring countries each day, can be encouraged to leave their car behind and jump on a tram instead.

Andre von der Marck, the director general of Luxtram, told Sky News that “the fact that this is free means that everyone can use it – young or old, rich or poor”. “Everyone can say to themselves ‘it’s better to leave the car at home’.

“We must continue to improve and extend the network. It must always be comfortable, well-connected, efficient. The key to getting people to use public transport is to make it the best option.”

Luxembourg’s traffic problems stem from its army of workers.

The population of the capital city almost doubles during the working day, when more than 110,000 people travel in and out.

Lydie Polfer, the city’s mayor, says she hopes to reach the point where more than a third of people come into the city using public transport – at the moment, it’s less than one in five.

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