Malta-24 News Briefing Tuesday 21st July 2020

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Updated 0832: Newspaper Review

The Times leads with a decision by a court of appeals to award a family €67,000 in compensation for a building accident that left a woman dead 20 years ago. One of the victim’s sons said that cracks had spread in the house caused by construction works nearby.

L-Orizzont quotes the Attorney General who confirmed that there are currently five cases associated with the oil scandal that came to the fore during the 2013 general elections. The Attorney General said that all cases are pending.

The Independent says that the opposition could lose its Whip and MEPs, besides the Opposition Leader, if the PN moves to expel the 19 MPs who voted against Adrian Delia in a vote of confidence.

In-Nazzjon writes about a ‘growing rift’ between Qala mayor Paul Buttigieg and councillors Joseph Buttigieg, both elected on the PL ticket. The mayor is close to former minister Justyne Caruana while the councillor works for current minister Clint Camilleri.

The Independent speaks to Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci after reports of large crowds celebrating village feasts. Prof Gauci said that the threat of the virus is still present and warned people to act responsibly.

The Times reports that Commissioner for Standards in Public Life George Hyzler is to unveil an updated code of ethics for MPs in response to anomalies about acceptance of gifts. The revised document is expected to be presented towards the end of the month.

L-Orizzont reports that the European Commission has approved a €720,000 scheme to support tuna catchers in Malta who were negatively impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. The funds will be given out as direct grants.

In-Nazzjon says that the EU Leaders’ Summit had still not reached an agreement on the recovery fund by Monday evening, the fourth day of discussions. The paper says that countries disagree on the method of disbursement of funds.

Updated 0649: Malta Government welcomes ‘largest allocation of European funds for Malta’

On Facebook, the Maltese Government’s official account posted: “The largest allocation of European funds for Malta”. A quick glance at a lengthy document published by the Council this morning  refers that in order to recognise the challenges posed by the situation of island Member States and the remoteness of certain parts of the European Union, Malta and Cyprus shall receive an additional envelope of EUR 100 million each for the Structural Funds under the “Investment for growth and jobs” goal. Malta, in fact is to get EUR 50 million under the “Investment for growth and jobs” goal and an additional EUR 50 million under the “Distribution of rural development support” goal.

So far, the full details for every country have not been provided. Earlier in Spring, the original proposal had indicated the provision of roughly one billion euro in funds for Malta.


After marathon talks, EU member states have agreed to a historic coronavirus recovery deal.

It comes after days of sometimes bitter discussions over the trillion-euro rescue package. The 750 billion euros recovery fund to be shared as grants and loans has been adopted.

Developing story.

Daphne Caruana Galizia murder Hearing – Pardon to Theuma to be exhibited

In a landmark decision during the compilation of evidence against Yorgen Fenech, the Court accepted the defence team’s repeated request that the prosecution should present the presidential pardon granted to murder middleman Melvin Theuma. The latter was pardoned in exchange for information on the Caruana Galizia murder but also on other cases.

The prosecution had insisted that the exhibition of this pardon might put at risk the information provided about other cases, but Magistrate Rachel Montebello argued that there was nothing at law to prohibit the presentation of such document. She has, however, requested the removal of any information related to other crimes.

Former PM refuses to say who paid for 21,000 euro Dubai flight

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat continued to refuse divulging details on who paid for his 21,000 euro flight to Dubai. Maltatoday reports that Muscat told reports while existing Parliament yesterday that: “I gave all the necessary data to the Standards Commissioner, and he decided there was no ethics breach. I was totally transparent with him”.

Commissioner Hyzler had reported that at a detailed explanation about the purpose of the visit and who paid for the trip was given by the former PM. The commissioner also said that Muscat requested that details of the visit not be unveiled in the public domain.

Air Malta adding more flights

The Malta Independent reports that Air Malta has announced that it will fly to four new additional destinations in Tunisia, Ukraine, Russia, and Israel.

The airline said that it will begin flying to Tunisia’s capital Tunis as from 31st July, and that flights to Kiev in Ukraine, Moscow in Russia, and Tel Aviv in Israel are scheduled to restart by the first week of October.

The opening of these routes is all dependent on health and safety assessments, the airline said.

Coronavirus cases

One new coronavirus case was identified yesterday, described by authorities as a close contact to a previous case. Two persons recovered, meaning the number of active cases now stands at four.

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