Malta Chamber calls for a Minister for Good Governance

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President Perit David Xuereb said that over the past weeks, the Chamber had compiled a report, that proposed 65 concrete recommendations aimed at solving the country’s problems with good governance.

Perit Xuereb was concluding ‘Let’s Talk Business’, an event the Chamber organised with Labour Party leadership hopefuls.

Mr Fearne accepted to receive a delegation from the Chamber next week, should he become Prime Minister, to be presented with the document on good governance. Among the proposals made by the Chamber in the document, the Chamber calls for the appointment of a Minister for Good Governance in the new cabinet who would ensure standards in public office, promote good governance and rule of law and implement the major reforms the country requires at present.

The document is the product of a multidisciplinary working group the Chamber established, following the developments of the last weeks, which was composed of members with various areas of expertise.

A number of expert contributors, were tasked with researching and formulating a policy document on Good Governance and Best Ethical Standards and Practices for the country, to serve as valuable guidance for the incoming Prime Minister, in his efforts to tackle, at the earliest, the need to implement the necessary reforms. If implemented, these measures would help accelerate the process of restoring Malta’s reputation as a trusted and credible economic
partner on the global scene.

The document was approved and endorsed by the Malta Chamber’s Council.

Clearly, Dr Robert Abela was also invited to the event, however, he informed the Chamber late on Thursday that he would not be participating. The Chamber also offered to provide Dr Abela the opportunity to reply to the same questions via video, however such replies were not made available until the event had been concluded.

Via Chamber of Commerce