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Malta: Creditreform confirms Malta’s A+ rating

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German credit ratings agency Creditreform has confirmed Malta’s rating at A+ level, whilst also confirming economic prospects as stable. German economists have stated that despite the impact of the pandemic, Maltese economic trends fared better than those of the rest of the European Union, which is due to the economic measures put in place by the Government during the pandemic, and this would help in economic recovery next year.

In a report by the international credit agency Creditreform, which analyses various aspects of the economy, Creditreform economists have confirmed Malta’s rating at A+ level, and have stated that prospects for the Maltese economy are stable. The agency stated that in recent years Malta has acquired a legacy of economic growth which is higher than that within the eurozone. They added that the resilience of the Maltese economy is due, among other factors, to the diversification of economic sectors.

Source: TVM
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