Malta formally launches vaccine certificate

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Malta has formally launched its vaccine certificate, which will allow persons who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to tavel and attend certain activities. The certificates will be available on for Maltese Identity Card holders and can be generated 14 days from the date a person is fully vaccinated. 

Health Minister Chris Fearne explained that the certificate will also allow residents at homes for the elderly to have private visits with fully vaccinated relatives. He said that not only is the first country to implement such a system, but Government has the technological setup in place to ensure coordination with EU partners once a European-wide system is intoduced.

PM Robert Abela said 210,000 people are now fully vaccinated – equivalent to some 48% of the population and revealed that next week further social restrictions will be relaxed. While children eligible to take the vaccine will be receiving postal invites after the end of school exams, parents who for some reason would like to give the jab to their kids at an earlier stage should email with their request.

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