Malta: Gaming Licensees Have till End of Month To Comply to Responsible Gaming Guidelines

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According to the Player Protection Directive issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, “licensees shall employ measures to detect, and identify problem gambling, using analytical tools and, or behaviour monitoring systems, with pre-designed or evolving parameters and customer interaction staff for detection of problem gambling. This requirement needs to be implemented by the 31st of March, meaning that by that date, licensees need to able to demonstrate that they do have systems/tools in place that can help them identify and detect problem gambling.

“Responsible gaming and compliance have become a pinnacle of operator brand integrity, as regulators and operators are aiming to make online gaming safe and fun. This is where NOUV and its recent appointment as exclusive resellers for Tomobox’ product SafeTrac in Malta come in,” explained Andrew Naudi, Technology Partner at NOUV.

Andrew Naudi explained how Tomobox’s SafeTrac is an innovative software product, that seeks to make gaming safer and assists gaming companies in ensuring that their players’ interests are safeguarded at all times.

It is driven by Artificial Intelligence technology that helps compliance officers in gaming by flagging in real-time instances of possible compulsive or addictive behaviour. By red flagging these players, companies can help their customers play safely without jeopardizing their futures.

“This was our first event organized at the Microsoft innovation Centre and we have had tremendous feedback given that the subject matter is currently very topical. During this event, two main aspects clearly stood out namely that; player protection is non-negotiable and the MGA expects licensees to adhere to the player protection directive and regulations, and that NOUV, together with Tomobox are proposing a perfect solution which, by means of AI technology, can assist compliance and responsible gaming personnel in gaming companies to perform their duties efficiently and effectively,” added Andrew Naudi.

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