UPDATE – Prime Minister Abela says his leadership will be characterised by humilty

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Update 1700h – Prime Minister Robert Abela told the crowd gathered at the PL HQ “I promise you I will not tolerate any arrogance towards anyone. This leadership will be characterised by humility. I will insist on it with everyone who forms part of this team. And I will lead by example. We are here for you, and not the other way round.” 

Update 1530 – PL projects a 41,000 majority

According to PL projections at 3.20pm, Labour is on course to secure 55.9% of the vote, PN will get 41.7%, with smaller parties securing 2.4%. That would be equivalent to a whopping 41,600-vote majority for PL, analysts said on One TV.

Update 1244h – Grech to contest PN Leadership Race

PN leader Bernard Grech said the party will lend a voice to the thousands who put their trust in the Nationalist Party, as well as to those who did not vote in this election. He said that he will stay on, to give his service and contest the leadership once again to propose an alternative government.

Update 1226h – President Vella congratulates Abela

Shortly after the Leader of the Labour Party, Hon. Robert Abela, officially announced that the Labour Party had won the General Election by an absolute majority of votes, H.E. the President of Malta, during a short telephone call, congratulated him and wished him well in this responsible role.

Update 1216h – Grech calls Abela and concedes

PN Leader Bernard Grech is reported to have contacted PM and Labour Party Leader Robert Abela to concede defeat. This was reported by several news outlets.

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Update 1145h

The Labour Party led by Robert Abela has won the 2022 election. The tense atmosphere of the counting hall was released once the Labour Party counting agents started to celebrate once they learnt that the rumours that Labour registered a landslide win were confirmed.

Abela made the announcement during a short interview on TVM. Chris Fearne was reported saying said the Labour victory was as “sound” as the ones before them.

The PN Secretary General, Michael Piccinino also conceded in an interview on TVM.

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Update 1010h

The early indications from the counting hall following the sampling of votes taken by party delegates show that the Labour Party led by Robert Abela has won the 2022 election with a significant majority.

While the counting is still underway, this news-site is reliably informed that the result is expected to be similar to the 2017 election. Sources within the PN are quoted to have established the gap will be definitely more than 30k. However PL sources are cautious about this gap.

This news site is estimating that the result might be similar to 2017 election. The Labour Party had won that election by a 39k gap.

This is the third general election which the Labour Party has won with a wide gap, which seem to have started to stabilise since 2009 EP elections.

The last General Election won by the Nationalist Party was in 2008.

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Update – 0930 h

The activity in the Naxxar Trade Fair grounds start to gain momentum as the sorting of the votes before their scanning from the IT scanning system starts.

Update – Sunday 27th March – 0050h

The Electoral Commission confirmed that the approximative turnout is of 85%.

Approximate percentage of votes cast over the 4 voting days 2022

DistrictRegistered VotersTotal%

Earlier the projections done by the Labour Party broadcasted on the party’s TV station, was of 85.6%.

The turnout in the 13 districts is lower than that registered in the 2017 election.

The Labour Party projections are as follows

DistrictOfficial Turnout at 1400Projected Turnout
First District43.85%86.40%
Second District38.26%87.40%
Third District38.87%85.00%
Fourth District42.81%86.60%
Fifth District40.23%88.00%
Sixth District39.32%88.10%
Seventh District39.05%87.80%
Eighth District42.55%84.70%
Ninth District42.47%84.20%
Tenth District41.47%81.00%
Eleventh District39.28%85.70%
Twelfth District37.72%80.40%
Thirteenth District40.50%88.00%

Update 2300h – Ballot boxes from a number of localities started to reach the Counting Hall in Naxxar.

Update 2200h – The 116 polling booths, where 355,075 voters could cast their vote closed at 2200h. The turnout at 2 pm stood at 44.7%, after the Electoral Commission updated the turnout figure published earlier (40.75%), to include the 15,289 people who cast their vote in preceding days, through early voting provisions. All indications show that this election will have a historically low turnout.

This aspect was already indicated in various polls which were leading to the election. Both Vincent Marmara’s polls and the ones carried by MaltaToday indicated this possibility.

The counting will take place at the Naxxar former trade fair grounds, a complex which serves as the counting hall for the elections.

Update 2110h – The Electoral Commission revised the turnout for 2pm to 44.75% after the Nationalist Party noted that early voters had not been factored into the calculation.  The commission said that 143,628 votes were cast between 7am and 2pm on Saturday, out of 355,075 registered votes – resulting in a 40.45% turnout figure. A further 15,289 people cast their vote in preceding days, through early voting provisions, bumping the total turnout to 44.75%. (Times of Malta)

Update 1910h – MaltaToday and Net News reports that the turnout for 2pm could be as high as 44.8% after the Nationalist Party’s electoral office Elcom informed the Electoral Commission that its data has erroneously ignored the ballots for early voting which took place in the week preceding the 26 March. The PN said the total number of voters that the Electoral Commission said had cast their ballot by 2pm, 143,628, did not include the 15,289 electors who cast their ballot in the days before. That would raise the 2pm turnout from 40% to 44.8% of Malta’s registered 355,075 voters. (MaltaToday / NetNews)

Update 1620h The approximate percentage voting turnout in the General Election until 2.00 pm was of 40.45%. 143,628 persons voted so far.

First District43.85%
Second District38.26%
Third District38.87%
Fourth District42.81%
Fifth District40.23%
Sixth District39.32%
Seventh District39.05%
Eighth District42.55%
Ninth District42.47%
Tenth District41.47%
Eleventh District39.28%
Twelfth District37.72%
Thirteenth District40.50%

Update 1200h

The leaders of the two main parties have cast their votes as Malta chooses its next government for the next five years.

Robert Abela and his wife Lydia cast theirs at St Anne Primary School in Marsascala at around 0920h.

PN leader Bernard Grech and his wife Annemarie cast their votes at the secondary school in Mosta at around 1030h.

The President of Malta also cast his vote in the morning. He voted in his hometown of Żejtun, together with Mrs Vella.

Update 0630h Malta goes to the polls today in a general election seeking to elect the next Members of Parliament. 116 polling stations are available throughout Malta and Gozo and voting will start at 7am and finish at 10pm.

 340,423 people who have collected their voting documents will have the opportunity to cast their ballots

Ten voters who are able to vote without assistance are to enter into the Polling Booth for every voter who needs assistance to vote from the Assistant Electoral Commissioners. 

Seven specialised COVID-19 voting centres will be provided, six in Malta,and one in Gozo. A voting centre for Mater Dei patients who did not participate in early voting has also been set up.

Around 12 hours after polls close on Saturday, an unofficial result is likely to emerge but it could be early on Monday before the full outcome of the election is confirmed.

12th district with most uncollected votes

Nearly one in 10 voters in the twelfth district did not collect their voting documents. More than 14,000 voting documents were not collected by the deadline at midnight on Thursday night. A breakdown of the final figure of uncollected votes stands at 14,473. This is nearly 4% of the eligible voters for Saturday’s general election. In 2017, the figure stood at 8,372 uncollected documents and was 2.4% of the voting population. (Times of Malta)

District 1 1,052 – 4.10%

District 2 858 – 3.20%

District 3 1,110 – 4.00%

District 4 746 – 2.80%

District 5 694 – 2.60%

District 6 557 – 2.00%

District 7 693 – 2.50%

District 8 822 – 3.10%

District 9 1,255 – 4.80%

District 10 1,876 – 7.00%

District 11 839 – 3.10%

District 12 2,529 – 9.00%

District 13 1,442 – 4.70%

All districts 14,473

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