Malta has key role in peace and stability in Libya

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Malta has a key role in the ongoing efforts towards peace and stability in Libya. This common sentiment emerged from talks that Foreign and European Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo held with the President of the Libyan House of Representatives, Aguila Saleh.

Throughout these talks, there was a prevailing sense of optimism that has resulted from the ceasefire agreement, which should lead to institutional reforms and democratic elections towards a united Libya for Libyans, in the hands of Libyans.

In this context, Minister Bartolo renewed Malta’s commitment as a neighbouring friendly country, serving as a bridge and a genuine interlocutor with no ulterior motive other than the wellbeing and unity among all Libyans.

Aguila Saleh acknowledged Malta’s efforts to reunify Libya and added that Libya now needs Malta’s support and backing in the international community to reach its goal of a peaceful political transition, according to the will of the Libyans and without any foreign interference.

In this regard, Minister Bartolo augured that the political process – which will be continued in Tunisia in the coming days with the participation of all Libyan regions – achieves its goal and this not only in the interest of Libya, but of all states, especially neighbouring countries like Malta.

Minister Bartolo stressed that Malta will do its humble part to ensure the success of this process by continuing to listen to all parties, and reiterated that Malta can be Libya’s honest voice in the European Union and beyond.

With regard to the future of Libya and relations between the two countries, both sides agreed on the strong potential for partnership in the re-development of Libya, with various economic niches offering investment and work opportunities for Maltese entrepreneurs and workers alike.

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