Malta: House prices up by 2.5 percent in last quarter of 2020

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House prices in Malta rose by 2.5 percent from the third to the fourth quarter 2020, almost double the average increase registered in the EU. The House Price Index released by Eurostat shows that Malta had the seventh highest quarter-on-quarter expansion in the final three months last year.

The highest increases were recorded in in Cyprus and Luxembourg (both +4.7%), Lithuania (+3.9%) and Estonia (+3.8%). Spain and Hungary were the only member states to register decreases at 0.8 percent and 0.7 percent, respectively.

Compared with the fourth quarter 2019, house prices in Malta grew by 1.7 percent, an increase below the average 5.7 percent experienced in the EU as a whole. Prices in Luxembourg jumped by 16.7 percent year-on-year, the highest among the 27 member states, while rises in Denmark (+9.8%) and Lithuania (+9.4%) completed the highest three on the index.

No EU country registered a decrease from Q4 2019, but prices rose least in Ireland (+0.6%) and Italy (+1.6%).

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