Malta: Industrial production sees big drop in 2021

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In December 2021, the total production generated by the Maltese manufacturing and energy industries went down by 6.6% from December 2020. The largest decrease was registered in the production of consumer goods (17.3%) followed by the production of intermediate goods (11.0%).

The production of energy and capital goods increased by 14.2% and 2.0% respectively, the NSO said today.

Looking at the last month of the year on its own, and after adjusting for seasonal effects and the working-day pattern, the index of industrial production decreased by 0.6 per cent between November and December 2021.

Decreases in production were registered across three main industrial groupings namely, energy (1.2 per cent), intermediate goods (1.1 per cent) and consumer goods (0.8 per cent).

On the other hand, the production of capital goods increased by 1.7 per cent.

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