Public service must evolve to reflect present – President / Malta News Briefing – Saturday 13 May 2023

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Public service must evolve to reflect present – President

The public service must always evolve and change to meet the needs of a dynamic society, President George Vella said during the Public Service Awards Ceremony. In a speech, the president insisted that the public service can never be static adding that technological advancements play a central role in further achieving this goal. He observed that in today’s context there is a growing percentage of individuals who seek to be served in the shortest time and with the least inconvenience possible. “In today’s fast-paced life, these services are no longer considered a luxury, but rather have become a necessity,” he said. (Newsbook)

Limited role in Planning limits ERA’s impact – Vince Cassar
Vince Cassar, who leads the Environment and Resources Authority, admitted that the authority has limited influence on planning decisions.
The chair of Malta’s environmental watchdog has acknowledged that the current PA setup meant ERA’s views could be easily ignored. “When you are on a minority on a board, all you can do is give your opinion and try to get other members to agree with you,” Cassar said during an interview on 103 – Malta’s Heart. ERA only has one member on the 13-person PA board, with that representative having the same influence and say as other members. (Times of Malta)

Govt discussing regulating non-medical cannabis with international body

The Maltese Government is currently discussing a regulatory model for the use of non-medicinal cannabis being applied in Malta, with the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB).
A delegation led by Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms Rebecca Buttigieg in Vienna, explained in detail the principles of the regulatory model in place, prioritising the principles of harm and risk reduction, social justice and public health. (Maltatoday)

Morning Briefing

Full-time workers increase by end 2022 NSO

By December 2022, registered full-time employment in Malta increased by 8.4%, while part-time employment as a primary job increased by 3.3% when compared to December 2021.
Data provided by employment agency Jobsplus show that over a one year period, the number of full-time workers increased to 263,807. The Malta National Statistics Office (NSO) mainly attributed this increase to an increase of 20,256 full-time workers and 121 less persons on the unemployment register. (TVM)

Justice Minister laments excessive personal info asked of prospective lawyers
Justice minister Jonathan Attard has slammed the ‘excessive” information prospective lawyers and legal procurators are being asked to provide in order to obtain their warrant. In a letter sent to President George Vella, the minister objected to the the criteria which were set by a committee within the Commission for the Administration of Justice, a constitutional body headed by the President of the Republic. Applicants are being asked personal information such as whether they have some form of disability, mental health problems, and whether they have had a substance or gambling addiction over the past 10 years. (Newsbook)

PN wants investigation of Abela, Muscat on Steward deal
The PN said that if Prime Minister Robert Abela and a number of other current and former politicians, including Joseph Muscat, who are ‘connected’ to the hospital privatization deal should face prosecution and face prison if found guilty. The PN requested an inquiry of 37 people, including Abela and Muscat, in a police report that was submitted earlier this week, with the Opposition claiming that these individuals were either directly or indirectly involved in the canceled contract.

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