Captain Morgan drops Balluta jetty proposal / Malta News Briefing – Saturday 4 December 2021

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Mid-Day Briefing

Captain Morgan drops Balluta jetty proposal

Captain Morgan has dropped plans to build a jetty at Balluta bay, after a wave of protest and opposition from residents. The ferry company, which is owned by the Fortina Group, want to build a jetty to operate a hop-on, hop-off ferry. However, residents when up in arms claiing that one of the few remaining swimming spots in the area would be ruined. After hundreds of representations were made at the PA, the company said it would look for an alternative location. (

Consultation on Voluntary Sector reform launched

The Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations (OCVO) has launched a consultation process, VO Plus, with the aim of reforming the sector and ensuring it meets the present and future needs of voluntarism in Malta. Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations (VOs) Jesmond Saliba argued that this is a sector that plays an important role in the full development of Malta, he said. “The voluntary sector must continue being recognised as an important pillar in society and eliminate the narrative of amateurism. We need to give the VOs the strength and tools they need to be able to function properly. The process of change needs to go beyond legislative change and we need to navigate the sector in a collective manner,” Saliba said. Currently there are a total of 1,702 active voluntary organisations are registered with OCVO. These VOs are divided into 14 generic categories and 67 other more specific categories. The launch, which was held on Saturday at the President’s Palace, was held under the patronage of the President of Malta George Vella. (The Malta Independent)

Covid-19 Update: Hospitalisations increase

A total of 59 new COVID-19 cases were reported on Saturday, a significant drop from the three-digit figures of the past couple of days. However, hospitalised patients increased from 15 to 21, with two in intensive care.

Morning Briefing

Montenegro Parliament to investigate Enemalta windfarm project

Montenegro’s MP will be investigating the Enemalta wind farm project. Branka Bošnjak, the vice-president of the assembly said the investigation described the project as “a major international corruption scandal”. A local probe found serious reservations about the project. Last year, Times of Malta and Reuters revealed howmurder suspect Yorgen Fenech made a €4.6 million profit after secretly financing an intermediary used to sell the wind farm project shares to Enemalta. Bošnjak said “the government of Montenegro and other competent authorities did not take measures, actions and activities that according to the Constitution and the law were obliged to be undertaken in the protection of state property.On the contrary, it is suspected that they were part of this corrupt business. (Times of Malta)

Malta to ensure price stability in energy market

Malta will continue working to ensure stability in energy prices for families and businesses, Energy Minister Miriam Dalli said on Friday. During the EU’s Energy Council meeting in Brussels, the Minister spoke about the importance of taking specific and suitable measures for every member state, and in particular for small member states like Malta. Minister Dalli explained how Malta is exploring more investment in sources of cleaner energy that can ensure security of supply and stable prices. The Minister added that the European Commission needs to support these projects. (

Covid-19 Update: A total of 133 new daily cases were reported on Friday while 75 people recovered. 15 people are being treated in hospital, 2 of whom are in the ITU.

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