Malta News Briefing – Saturday 5 August 2023

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Morning Briefing

GWU orders actions at Air Malta – reports

The GWU has reportedly gave instructions to Air Malta employees on Friday to adhere to various administrative measures. These measures include refraining from communicating with the airline’s management and avoiding any unpaid extra work. The union’s decision to issue these directives is said to have been made after waiting for several weeks for the airline to respond to their request for initiating negotiations on a new deal for the workers. This action from the union comes at a challenging time for Air Malta, as the summer season is the busiest period for the aviation sector. Additionally, the airline is already operating with a reduced workforce due to efforts to cut hundreds of jobs as part of a significant restructuring plan. (Times of Malta)

Strong winds expected today

The Met Office has issued a strong wind warning for Saturday morning, as temperatures are expected to drop to a minimum of 24°C. Malta is set to experience mainly sunny weather on Saturday, with daytime temperatures reaching a maximum of 28°C and a pleasant minimum of 24°C at night. Nonetheless, the Maltese islands are likely to be affected by strong northwest winds during this time. (Maltatoday)

Standards Commissioner recommends formal adoption of guidelines on government advertising
Commissioner for Standards in Public Life Joseph Azzopardi has advised the adoption of guidelines on government advertising that were initially issued two years ago. The case in question was brought before the Standards Commissioner by George Hyzler, the former Standards Commissioner. It pertained to an advertisement published by then-minister Carmelo Abela, and it was referred to Parliament’s Standing Committee on Standards in Public Life. However, the committee could not reach a consensus on the matter. The committee’s chairman, Speaker Anġlu Farrugia, abstained from voting, as the ministerial code of ethics lacked clarity regarding government advertisements. (Newsbook)

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