Malta News Briefing – Sunday 23 April 2023

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Morning Briefing

Alfred Sant will not contest MEP elections

Former Prime Minister lfred Sant said he will not contest another European parliamentary election as he wants to “make room” for others. “When you reach a certain age it makes sense to leave and make room for someone else,” Sant said on 103 during an interview. He also insisted that joining the EU had more negative implications then positive ones. “The country did well in sectors where the EU has no competence like tourism and financial services and badly in sectors like transport, agriculture and manufacturing where the EU has a larger say”, he argued. (Times of Malta)

Commission does not believe Govt on Air Malta – PN
The future of Air Malta is uncertain as the European Union Commission is unwilling to provide up to €300 million in state aid because it does not believe Robert Abela’s government like it did a Nationalist one back in 2012, the Opposition Leader believes. “We had a plan, agreed upon with the EU Commission because at the time we had a government that was respected and believed by the Commission,” Bernard Grech said on party-owned NET FM. (Maltatoday)

Tunnel would mean Gozo becomes Malta extension – GTA

A tunnel between the two islands would render Gozo an extension of Malta, and thus Gozo’s internal market would be lost, Gozo Tourism Association president, Joe Muscat said. Speaking during Għawdex Jitkellem, a weekly programme aired on 103FM – Malta’s Heart, Muscat warned that Gozo’s infrastructure is not equipped for such an influx of vehicles on a daily basis. He also warned that having a tunnel between the two islands would reduce holidays in Gozo into a one-day stay. (Newsbook)

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