Malta News Briefing – Sunday 26 March 2023

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Morning Briefing

PN leader non-committal on leadership post after EP elections

Bernard Grech has publicly refused to share his view on his own leadership prospects after next year’s European Parliament elections. In an interview on 103, Grech was asked wheher he would stay on after the EP vote scheduled for next year, particularly if the PN fails to win a third seat. Grech appeared to avoid the issue, insisting that “I do not want to speculate, as I am concentrating on making a difference now”. He reiterated that his focus is pushing for results and action now, rather than worrying about what “points” he can score in the future. (Times of Malta)

AirMalta gets fifth new Airbus

The national airline Air Malta has strengthened its fleet with a fifth new Airbus A320neo aircraft. The new plane arrived in Malta yesterday from the Airbus plant from Toulouse, France. The flight also happened to be the last one for Captain Patrick Calleja after a 31 -year-career with Air Malta. The national airline, which is currently awaiting feedback from the EC on yet another restructuring process, began modernising its fleet in 2018 when it changed from A320ceo to A320neo which consume less fuel and pollute less. (TVM)

Activists demand withdrawal of accusations in El Hiblu case

Activists from 22 organizations demonstrated outside Valletta’s courthouses to call on the Attorney General to withdraw the terrorist accusations against the so-called “El Hiblu 3″—the three young men who were detained four years ago after an alleged hijacking of a commercial ship. The case goes back to 2019, and the three men insisted that they only acted as mediators and translators for the rest of the ship’s passengers. The trio may face up to 30 years in prison if they are convicted. (Newsbook)

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