Malta News Briefing – Sunday 30 July 2023

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Morning Briefing

SME Chamber says firms lost up too €50,000 during power cuts
According to the CEO of the Chamber of SMEs, Abigail Mamo, businesses in Malta incurred losses ranging from €1,000 to €50,000 due to the recent power cuts that affected the country over the past weeks. During an interview on 103, Mamo expressed the Chamber’s expectation for a fair compensation system and voiced concerns about an Enemalta board deciding on compensation eligibility. She revealed that a survey conducted by the Chamber highlighted the diverse impacts of the power cuts, with small businesses facing losses around €1,000 and larger businesses experiencing damages amounting to €50,000. Furthermore, Mamo mentioned numerous business owners who had to grant paid leaves to their employees, along with the damage to expensive equipment like air conditioners and refrigerators. (Newsbook)

Malita Investments shifted from Finance to Social Accomodation Ministry

The government’s investment holding company, Malita Investments, has been transferred from the finance ministry to the social accommodation ministry. According to a cabinet office official, the shift in ministerial responsibility aims to optimize the efficiency of social accommodation projects financed by Malita. The official stated, “Malita is involved in constructing and managing numerous affordable housing units in various localities. Given this focus, it was deemed appropriate to place Malita under the Ministry for Social and Affordable Accommodation, which is specifically responsible for such projects and is working on similar initiatives across the country.” Finance Minister Clyde Caruana confirmed the change, indicating that Malita is no longer under his responsibility. However, he refrained from providing further comment on the matter. (Times of Malta)

72% of Gozo tourism is from Malta

According to the NSO, in 2022, a total of 460,514 tourists visited the Gozo and Comino region, including both inbound and domestic visitors. Among them, domestic tourists made up 72.0 percent of the total tourism demand in this region. In the same year, the Malta region welcomed a total of 2.3 million tourists, including both inbound and domestic travelers. Inbound tourists constituted a significant majority, accounting for 98.3 percent of all tourists visiting this region. (The Malta Independent)

Drug find in prison leads to investigation

An investigation has been launched following the discovery of drugs in a prison cell toilet. The Police have confirmed their involvement in the inquiry, and it comes after correctional officers found the drugs during a routine inspection. The cell in question is located in Division 13, and as a result of the discovery, the prisoner is being transferred to another division. The purpose of the inquiry is to determine whether the drugs were in the possession of the said prisoner. (TVM)

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