Malta News Dispatch – Wednesday 7 June 2023

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Morning Briefing

Maltese register decline in trust of local democracy

Acording to the Eurobarometer survey published on Tuesday, the percentage of respondents in Malta expressing dissatisfaction with the functioning of democracy in the country surged by 22 points to reach 49%, compared to October/November 2022. Conversely, the percentage of satisfied individuals dropped by 21 points, resulting in an equal balance between satisfaction and dissatisfaction at 49%. Despite the decline in satisfaction with local democracy, Malta ranked among the top three countries where a higher proportion of respondents emphasized the importance of voting in national elections. This number increased by seven points to 71%, with Estonia and Lithuania showing even more significant increases at 13 and eight points respectively. (TVM)

Speaker proposes privilege to testimony before a parliamentary committee

During the Sette Giugno national holiday ceremony, Anġlu Farrugia, the Speaker of the House in Malta, emphasized the importance of granting privilege to testimony provided before a parliamentary committee, safeguarding it from being used in Courts or other judicial authorities. He called for the implementation of a parliamentary procedure to address instances of abuse of parliamentary privilege by Members of Parliament, ensuring a remedy for citizens. Additionally, Farrugia suggested the establishment of a system that allows parliamentary members to opt for either full-time or part-time roles, aiming to encourage greater participation in politics.

PA approves Nigret development

Despite public opposition in the area, the Executive Council of the Planning Authority has given unanimous approval for the development of a 11,590sq.m farmland plot in the Nigret area of Żurrieq. This particular land was included in the development zone during the extension of building boundaries in 2006. However, a zoning application is still necessary to specify the type of development permitted. While today’s approval is a significant step, the permit still requires the endorsement of the Planning Minister. (Maltatoday)

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