Malta News Evening Roundup

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Good evening

As expected, all Maltese news portals carry with prominence the tragic news from Genoa as leading items. The latest update is that the death toll is expected to be 35 according to civil protection sources.

These are the three main stories in their initial sections of their site. 


genoa 6.pngThe tragedy in Genoa which saw the collapse of the Morandi bridge is the main story on all portals. 


img_3220The other main story relates to the ‘terror attack’ registered in London this morning.


Aquarius (4)Last but not least, one reads about the decision by the Government to allow the MV Aquarius to enter the Maltese ports.


In other stories:


TVM reports that the Commissioner for Children Pauline Miceli and the Faculty Dean for Society Fulfilment Andrew Azzopardi have stressed the importance of children being educated to recognise that which is morally acceptable to society and that which is not. They were commenting to TVM regarding the case of the former porn film actor who exposed himself to two girls. They noted this was not just an isolated case and does not only happen with foreigners.



The Times of Malta reports that Attard’s local council has come out against a major road building project planned for the town, saying that it goes against the government’s own transportation policies. Net News reports the same story. 

The Malta Independent on the other hand reports that the Attard Residents Environmental Network (AREN) met yesterday morning with the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Ian Borg to discuss proposals the network is putting forward regarding the Central Link Project.


MaltaToday reports that the generation of one million tonnes of waste for the construction of the Gozo tunnel proposal is set to aggravate Malta’s limited space to take in waste, a move that will likely lead to greater pressure for land reclamation.



One News reports about the fact that next Sunday is expected to be the busiest day at the Malta International Airport when over 180 landings are expected. A total of 28,000 passengers are expected to go through.



Illum follows up the discovery of immigrants living in a farm in Qormi. The portal interviews Caritas and Graffiti. The latter claim that there are several Maltese who live in similar inhuman conditions.


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