Malta News Evening Roundup – Friday 10th August 2018 (UPDATED)

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Former Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit and Economic Crimes Unit officer Jonathan Ferris was never threatened with arrest, the police said in a statement this evening. The Independent reports that “the police pointed out, it was Ferris himself who suggested to investigators who summoned him for questioning that: “If it is so urgent, issue a warrant.  I cannot put it to you any other way.”

Reacting, Ferris’ lawyers, Jason Azzopardi and Kris Busietta, published a copy of the arrest warrant issued by the police. The lawyers said the police press release was “malicious, untruthful & misleading.”



Four women working in brothels disguised as massage parlours had paid sex with between five and 12 men each on any given day, a court heard on Friday in a case that exposed the complex workings of Malta’s underground sex trade. Four women, three Ukranians and one from Moldova, all pleaded guilty to working as prostitutes in three massage parlours.

The Timescarries detailed reports from the court room.

The court presided by Magistrate Claire Micallef Strafrace granted Fayton Falzon, the alleged owner of the parlours, bail against a deposit of €800 and a personal guarantee of €10,000. The court heard how he had already been given a suspended sentence on similar charges in recent years.


The Shift News carries an in-depth feature based on an investigation about the matter.


The Independent reports that the Opposition Leader’s wife this morning made an emotional plea on her Facebook page, saying that her son is suffering from exclusion ever since his father became a political figure.  “I always wonder with a knot in my throat how evil and calculating people can be, particularly when some of these parents were some of our closest friends,” she wrote. They were “capable of viciously and vindictively … humiliating our son causing him to distance himself from his best friends.” All this with the intention of harming his father, she said.

De Fremeaux gave an indication of who these parents are in a reply to one of the numerous posts of solidarity on her wall. She said that these parents are the same people who “light candles and put flowers in Valletta” – a clear reference to activists who hold monthly vigils in the capital to remember slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. The story features on all major portals.


iNEWS features a continuation of a number of features its sister Newspaper L-Orizzont is doing about bullying of children, where it is asking a number of personalities their views on the matter following the controversy on bullying which started after comments by former PN leader’s partner and opinionist Kristina Chetcuti in reaction to what the wife of Prime Minister Muscat said about how her children were dealt with during the period of the Egrant Saga.


Lovin’ Malta reports former PN leader Simon Busuttil speaking out about online threat where he argued that a Meme showing him buried, crossed the line even for him, not because of the message, but because it also depicted his partner Kristina Chetcuti. He is also reported saying ‘I often ask myself, why am I still struggling for corrupt people in power to be brought to justice’.


One News leads with the story that one of the passengers who was in a car which was involved in a traffic accident in Naxxar yesterday, lost her unborn child. The passenger, a 26 year old woman from Sliema was in a car, driven by a 36 year old man from Mosta, which was involved in accident when it hit a truck driven by a 55 year old man from Fgura.

TVM leads with a story about a a woman who is expected to be arraigned in Court accused of a jewellery theft amounting to thousands of euros. “The thefts were carried out from two different outlets and the value of the stolen items has been calculated at €20,000. The thefts took place in the last four weeks.”


Net News refers to a statement by the Party’s Secretary General and Shadow Minister for Education Clyde Puli about the school transport for children, promised for next scholastic year. Puli said that a month and a half away from the new scholastic year, the PN is disappointed that no stakeholder knows how this will be implemented and no information has been forthcoming from the government.


Newsbook reports that in its financial report, the Archdiocese of Malta announced it registered a decrease of €1.44 million in its net surplus for 2017. It also adds that the Church in Malta registered a decrease of €1.44 million in its net surplus to €0.37 down from €1.81 million in 2016. The Archdiocese of Malta said that there was a significant increase in human resources for its homes for the elderly, homes for children, homes for people with a disability and the Archbishop’s Curia. 1,209 lay people were employed by the Archidiocese on full-tme basis while 262 diocesan priests were provided remuneration.



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