Malta News Evening Roundup – Wednesday 12th September 2018

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The news today were mainly dominated by

  • The discovery of lifeless body in off the coast of Xemxija. This is a developing story
  • The conviction of a man who posted inflammatory comments about the police.
  • Maltese MEPs are debating Hungary’s membership in the EU as it hangs in the balance. This is a developing story.
  • Man accused of attempted murder on a police officer claims that the President’s actions may have shaped the public’s opinion on him.
  • Government says that comments made by the Italian PM regarding Malta are false.

These are the main stories as reported by the Maltese portals.

The Malta Independent reports that an unidentified male body has been recovered from the sea in Xemxija, the police said. The corpse was found in the area known as il-Veċċa, at around 5.15pm. It was brought to shore with the assistance of the Civil Protection Department.


The Times of Malta reports the conviction of Josef Vincenti after making derogatory comments against the police for using speed guns. The 31-year old Żabbar resident, was targeted by criminal investigations comment upon an article published on Facebook. He also made other racist remarks, all of which landed him in court on Wednesday. Legal aid counsel Victor Bugeja argued that the charges against Vincenti should be further considered in the context of the Facebook post. The 31-year-old pleaded not guilty and was remanded in custody. No request for bail was made during the arraignment.


MaltaToday reports the debating and voting of Maltese MEPs in what is considered to be the European Union’s version of The State of the Union, practiced in the United States of America. Labour MEP Alfred Sant has abstained from voting on Hungary’s censure. All other Maltese MEPs voted in favor of Hungary’s censoring

This historic vote is the first time such legislation has been used on an EU state. Since taking office in 2010, Orban has pressured Hungary’s courts, media, and non-governmental groups, as well as refusing to take in asylum seekers arriving in Europe. Orban has ever since been moving into a more autocratic style of leadership.

Roberta Metsola who led the EPP negotiations on the Hungary issue, told Corporate Dispatch that today’s vote underlines what Europe stands for.


TVM reports that the Government has refuted Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s accusations that ‘Diciotti’ should have Malta’s responsibility and not Italy’s. Conte said that the Italy shall not be hosting any more illegal immigrants in such a manner. The Government of Malta  ‘Diciotti’ should have been dealt with by the Maltese Government and not the Italian Government in accordance with EU law.


The Times of Malta reports the argument made today in court by Liam Debono’s defense saying that the President’s presence at a protest in solidarity with the police has given Debono an unfair advantage of having a fair trial.

Mr. Debono stands accused of the attempted murder of PC Simon Schembri, who suffered a 66 percent disability when he was dragged for several metres under a car in a gruesome hit-and-run case which shocked the nation last May.

Along with Her Excellency, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and opposition leader Adrian Delia were present at the protest as well as other MPs.

Lawyers for Mr. Debono also targeted President Coleiro Preca on another count, noting that their client had an extremely troubled childhood at a time when the incumbent president was social policy minister.


OneNews reports a deal between the MDA and The Government to rent out properites €300 and €400 in an attempt to create a better social situation in Malta. During the meeting with the Developers Association, Dr Muscat said that the Government believes that it should let the rent market having a free hand as much as possible and, at the same time, it should have a basic regulation. The Jostory is also reported by Newsbook.


Net News reports a speech given by PN Leader Adrian Delia to the Youths’ Parliament. When he was addressing them, he told the youths not to be afraid of thinking differently from previous generations while retaining their important role of being the drivers of evolution of the country.


Corporate Dispatch reports that a court in the Sicilian port city of Palermo ordered Joseph Mifsud to pay back more than 49,000 euros in overpayments to the University Consortium of the Province of Agrigento dating back to when he was president of the institution.

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