Revolut places ‘temporary pause’ on new customers from Malta / Malta News Briefing – Thursday 16 June 2022

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Times of Malta says an unemployed couple have been accused of spending the funds donated to them for their son’s cancer treatment on horse races and online gambling.

MaltaToday says murdered taxi driver Mario Farrugia had spoken to his brother before his death, expressing concerns about two troublesome clients, whom he suspected to be involved in the drugs trade, and who were repeatedly booking his services but only paying half the fare.

Newsbook says careless political discourse which turns migrants as scapegoats for votes is the reason behind the rise in racism and the murder of Lassana Cisse, Regine Psaila told those gathered at the Paola Mosque on Thursday morning.

TVM says the Ministry of Education has suspended the license of a childcare centre operated by a woman who was detained after she was accused of running a brothel with her husband.

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Revolut places ‘temporary pause’ on new customers from Malta: The popular app-based banking service Revolut is not accepting new clients from Malta for the moment, according to a report on The Times of Malta.  “We have temporarily paused onboarding for customers based in Malta. Anyone wishing to create an account from Malta will be added to a waiting list,” a Revolut spokesperson said. “We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this and will notify those affected when this changes.”

Covid-19 Update: Health authorities reported 255 new cases, taking the active case tally to 2,164.

More renewable energy being harvested from PV systems: The harvesting of renewable energy from grid-connected photovoltaic systems in 2021 was eight per cent higher than in the previous year, according to the National Statistics Office. The NSO said there were 31,000 PV installations, 85% of which were in Malta. The stock was six per cent higher than in 2020Most of the panels – 94% – are owned by the domestic sector, where most of the increase was also registered.

Morning Briefing

Malta to be taken out of grey-list: PM to await formal announcement, PN welcomes news

PM Robert Abela said he would respect FATF confidentiality requirements and comment only when the plenary meeting of the FATF was concluded on Friday. “Malta remained committed to the reforms discussed with the FATF so that country would continue to be strengthened as a serious financial jurisdiction”, he said. On its side, the PN welcomed the news that Malta had been taken off the grey list. The Opposition argued that Malta’s reputation should never have been tarnished in this way, because of mistaken government decisions. “The end result had been that various local entities were scrutinised like never before, to the detriment of many people, it said”.

Earlier, reports had indicated that the Financial Action Task Force has voted to take Malta off the grey list. The country had been labelled as an untrustworthy financial jurisdiction by the global antimoneylaundering watchdog, citing mostly concerns related to lack of clear information related to beneficial ownership of companies and tax evasion. The report also says thatone of the main challenges in the coming months is to convince assessors that Malta is committed to keeping up the current pace of reforms.

PN supports embryo genetic testing in IVF process

Embryo genetic testing as part of the IVF process cleared parliament’s Second Reading, by unanimous vote on Wednesday. Prior to the vote, the Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech announced his party will support the introduction of preimplantation genetic testing (PGTM) for monogenic disorders, but urged the government to make polar body testing (PBT) on female oocytes an option for those with a moral objection to PGT. (Maltatoday)

Covid-19 Update: There were 273 new cases of Covid-19 as 114 recovered. Wednesday’s numbers take the active case tally again above the 2,000 mark.

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