Malta: Public debt soars in first quarter

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Total government debt grew to €7,478.2 million between January and March, up from €6,958.5 million in the preceding quarter. Figures by the National Statistics Office show an increase of €1.544.8 million compared with the same quarter in 2020.

Central government debt made €7,474.8 million, a rise of €1,544.6 million from a year before. Short-term securities grew by two-thirds from the start of 2020, jumping to €710.3 million in the first quarter this year. Long-term securities registered an increase of 19.5 per cent reaching €5,629.2 million in 2021.

Currency and deposits stood at €469.2 million, up by €90.7 million in a year. This includes the euro coins issued in the name of the Treasury, considered a liability of Central Government, and the 62+ Malta Government Savings Bond, the latter amounting to €379.5 million.