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One in every three foreign students experiences some form of bullying while at school. According to a study on the well-being of non-Maltese children, reported by today’s Times of Malta 33 per cent of those interviewed experienced some form of bullying while in school.

The Times report says that according to the data, the most common form of abuse was name calling, with almost 45% of students experiencing this type of bullying.

The report adds that the figure was only slightly lower for two other forms, hitting and being left out.

According to the research, commissioned by the Children’s Commissioner, and carried by the University of Malta researchers, students also feared schools often take physical bullying more seriously than any other types.

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The Headlines on the Times front page: 

The Times of Malta says that while PN leader Adrian Delia told the press on Tuesday that no request had been made for him to step down, several MPs had been demanding his resignation at a parliamentary group meeting.

The Times of Malta says that the developers behind the City Centre project in Pembroke will have to resubmit the plan after the landmark decree to halt the development. Representing the objectors, lawyer Claire Bonello described this as a ‘huge’ decision.

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