Malta: Tourist numbers in January a tenth of last year

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Total inbound tourism in January was estimated at around 13,800, a decrease on 90.8 percent compared with the same month last year. Data by the National Statistics Office show a total tourist expenditure of €11.7 million, down from €123.6 billion in January 2019.

Eight in every ten visitors were from EU countries while two-fifths of non-EU tourists arrived from the UK. France was the largest market, with 3,292 visitors, followed closely by Italy with 3,233.

Half of the guests were within the 25-44 age group which, at an 88.4 percent decline, suffered the lowest decrease year on year among all age brackets.

Just over 83 percent of visitors came to Malta for holiday purposes and another 1,553 were on business trips. The total number of inbound tourism by air reached 12,123, less than a tenth of the volume registered in 2020.

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