Malta: Tourists from the UK make less than 5% in June

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Total visitors from arriving from France reached nearly 13,000 in June this year, the highest number of tourists from any single country. Figures by the National Statistics Office show an inflow of 70,300 travellers during the first month of summer, with EU travellers making 88 per cent of total arrivals.

Italy was the second largest market as Malta hosted 11,265 tourists from the peninsula for a combined 136,197 nights. Italians, in fact, registered the longest total stay, followed by French nationals with 100,868 nights.

Tourism from the UK accounted for 4.7 per cent of the total arrivals and almost 40 per cent of non-EU markets. Tourists from outside the EU spent an average of €1,286 per capita during their stay, higher than the average of €813 spent by visitors from within the EU. Average per capita expenditure by tourists from the UK was €927.

Travellers from Germany registered the highest per capita spend among the main EU markets, averaging €1,032, followed by €824 by French tourists. Italian and Polish were the lowest spenders, with an average expenditure per capital of €684 and €665, respectively.