Malta: Traces of perchlorate from fireworks found in tap water – MaltaToday

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Exposure to fireworks is so pervasive in Malta that perchlorate – the chemical used in fireworks production – is contaminating Malta’s water sources, according to a study by chemistry lecturer Colette Pace and University of Malta rector Alfred Vella and which features on today’s MaltaToday print edition, in a story by James Debono.

Although the amount of perchlorate found in tap water is on the low side, when combined with the higher amounts found in other sources like dust and food grown on contaminated soil, it could pose a danger to children’s health.

“If all of the sources are taken into consideration (food, water and exposure to dust – inhaled and ingested), the amount of perchlorate ingested will be higher than the minimum exposure limit which causes adverse effects in children,” Colette Pace told MaltaToday.

The study ‘Contamination of water resources of a small island state by fireworks- derived perchlorate: A case study from Malta’, was based on samples taken from run-off water, the water table and tap water in 2012 and 2013. The study was published in the international journal Environmental Pollution.

Ground water was collected directly from the aquifer from 18 sites during April and July 2012. Rainwater run-off was collected from six sites during November 2011, September 2012 and August 2013, following the first rainfall after dry season. Tap water was collected from 24 sites during March and September 2012 and March and October 2013.

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