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Malta: Youth unemployment rate reaches 10% in October

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The rate of unemployment in October stood at 3.9 percent, the same as that in the previous month. According to figures by the National Statistics Office, the rate decreased to 3.2 percent among adults aged 25 and over from 3.3 percent in September, but the rate of youth unemployment (15-24 years) rose from 9.7 percent to 10.1 percent over the same month.

Compared with October 2019, the rate of unemployment increased by 0.3 percent, registering a rise among both women (+0.1%) and men (+0.5%). Month-on-month, the rate of unemployment among women also rose by 0.1 percent to reach 4.1 percent while it remained unchanged at 3.8 percent among men.

In total, there were 10,681 unemployed persons in October, up from 10,628 from September 2020 and 9,705 in October 2020. The highest number in the twelve months in between was recorded in April with 12,239 people unemployed, equivalent to a rate of 4.5 rate.

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