Malta’s News Evening Roundup – 28th August 2018

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What follows are Malta’s main news items as presented by Malta’s news portals.

The Times of Malta leads with a story regards the visit of Czech Prime Minister to Malta. Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš is in Malta for talks on migration with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat ahead of an EU summit. The two have differing views on the crisis, with Mr Babiš taking a hard line and insisting that his country will not accept migrants from other countries, and the EU as a whole should refuse them all.

Earlier Mr Babis said EU member states had to show a united front or the crisis which has gripped the bloc or more than three years will never be resolved. The billionaire businessman said: “If Italy and Malta won’t welcome the migrants, then Spain will. “And so we’re sending the message to migrants that it’s possible to come to Europe, from Morocco via Spain. “This has to stop. Otherwise we’ll never stop the migrant influx.



The Malta Independent reports that the separated parents of a young child enrolled at a school in Ta’ Paris have filed a joint application to the Family Section of the Civil Court after the school authorities ordered them to provide a “certificate of care and custody,” in order to enrol the child at school, with their lawyer accusing the school of making up the rules as they go along. The story is the leading one on MaltaToday.


Newsbook reports that GreenMT is attributing the current back and forths on the recycling law, between it and its competitor GreenPak, to an anomaly in the law.  Malta Today reports that Waste collection providers Green MT (owned by GRTU) are accusing the authorities of violating State aid rules in an ongoing tiff with competitors GreenPak. Green MT said the authorities were allowing councils served by their competitor, to pay waste collectors themselves. This was saving GreenPak thousands of euros because the company was being indirectly subsidised by local councils, Green MT charged.


One leads with a story related to the visit of the Executive Director of Europol Catherine De Bolle, in Malta. During the visit, discussions on the strengthening of a number of areas of the police force was made.


Net reports that a 43 year old was arraigned in court, after he caused injuries to two policemen in an incident which took place in a bar in Marsa.


TVM, like most of the other portals, carry a story that Ġorġ Agius, know as ‘l-Għannej tal-Mulej’ (the Lord’s singer), has been admitted to Mater Dei. He is 92 years old and has dedicated his life to the sick and the elderly by going to the hospital and bringing joy and peace to the patients with his kind words.




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