Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat pledges to continue his work with more vigour

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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has pledged to continue working as Prime Minister “with more vigour”.

These comments followed the decision on the nominations for the EU institutions’ Leadership positions.

Earlier reports in a selection of the Maltese media indicated Muscat as one of the options discussed and considered for the post of President of the European Council. This would have meant that Muscat would have had to resign from Prime Minister, a possibility touted and mentioned in various political circles.

Muscat was replying to a question put by at the end of a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Andrei Babis, in Prague, which focused mainly on the future of the EU, the next EU budget for the period 2021-2027, and immigration, among other issues.

Speaking to the press in Prague, Dr Muscat said that he would not comment on talk about him having been one of the names touted in the race to nominate new presidents for the EU’s various institutions.

“It’s not up to me to say who the candidates were,” Dr Muscat said. “Some people in the press mentioned my name, it’s not up to me to comment about that”. 

The Times of Malta quotes Brussels insiders saying that the Maltese prime minister was never a genuine contender for one of the Brussels posts, and Dr Muscat’s name was also conspicuous by its absence in online discussion fora such as Twitter.

via Times of Malta / TVM / One / MaltaToday

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