Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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The Times of Malta looks at the Church’s position on gay and lesbian relationships after the Pope insisted homosexual people are children of God and have a right to be in a family. It says it takes courage to admit that errors have been made and atrocities committed.

MaltaToday says it is time to re-visit our national approach to the Coronavirus entirely. Given the recent surge in figures, the situation is widely seen to be sliding out of control, it says.

The Independent looks at the decision to appoint Bishop Mario Grech as cardinal. It says it hopes his wisdom and experience will enable him to contribute to a Church that is more understanding and more open to people’s needs.

L-Orizzont says the re-opening of schools has been relatively calm, unlike what many predicted.

In-Nazzjon says Bernard Grech’s parliamentary speech in reaction to the budget was a positive one that should give hope to the country. 

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