Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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The Times of Malta argues that if Government truly wants to ensure accountability and transparency, Prime Minister Robert Abela should instruct all government MPs to forthwith fill the questionnaire sent to them by the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life to provide details about their own and their families’ assets, including spouses or partners.

The Independent calls for clarity and direction with regard to the re-opening of bars and clubs, given that their shut-down does not seem to have had an effect on Covid-19 numbers. If the authorities believe that the numbers would actually be higher had bars remained open, then they should say so, the Editor insists.

In-Nazzjon discusses the present situation in Ethiopia, which it describes as a key country for stability and peace in Africa. It reflects on the decision of the Maltese Government to open an Embassy there, and provides an insightful perspective of the challenges currently being faced by this nation.

L-Orizzont notes how a number of countries had no option but to raise taxation and have already brought up talk of austerity measures in view of reduced revenue and support measures related to the pandemic. This situation was not the case in Malta were the strength of the public purse allowed Government to introduce a number of initiatives without the need for new taxes.

The Business Weekly questions whether its the end for the hype on blockchain given that the MFSA has not yet issued a single licence under the virtual financial assets act, despite 340 companies having originally expressed interest.

Business Today calls for troubled enterprises to look beyond mere survival and to consider shifting their operations in the months to come. Businesses have to understand this different normal, adapt to it and capitalise on the opportunities it can offer.

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