Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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The Times tackles the issue of delayed justice, arguing that increasing complement of judges and magistrates is only part of the solution. The editor however says that a number of court practices and procedures need to change, including the way the same judges and magistrates are chosen.

The Independent takes cue from a recent viral video showing football fans celebrating a win, and appeals to the public to stop celebrating in order to defeat Covid-19. The Editor argues that authorities need to send stronger messages that such celebrations will not be tolerated.

L-Orizzont looks at the tragedy in Yemen with thousands of people, especially young children, perishing due to the famine which has hit the country. The situation is attributed to a long tradition of imperialism in the country.

In-Nazzjon focuses on the perils of social media, which can provide an important means for self-expression but which is unfortunately giving the opportunity for a few to bully and harass others; in this case, their should be swift action by the police and courts.

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