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The Times of Malta says that the painstaking work of the police financial crime unit is paying dividends and all eyes are now on it to continue delivering. It, therefore, deserves all the encouragement it can get, both from the public and, of course, from the powers that be. More importantly, it must be given all the resources, of whatever type, that it requires to carry out its task, an unenviable one that can even be dangerous to those directly involved and their families too.

The Independent expresses an understanding towards the Archbishop’s concerns that churches remain closed, arguing that there is certainly more physical contact between supermarket workers and shoppers – at the cheese counter, fruit and vegetable sections, butcher etc – than there is in churches among the congregation.

L-Orizzont also supports the Archbishop in lambasting those who disobeyed Covid restrictions, which in turn have created a situation where even further limitations to our movements have been imposed. The Editor argues that for many persons, particularly the elderly, going to church is not simply a religious element but also a very important part of their social way of life.

In-Nazzjon highlights the situation of the Gozitan health services which have taken a turn to worse forcing many locals to either pay for private treatment or have to seek assistance in Malta. The Editor associates the decadence in the level of the service to the privatisation of the administration of the Gozo General Hospital and to political irresponsibility.

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