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The Times of Malta argues that the easing of restrictions seemed to convey a full alignment of goals between the prime minister and his health experts. The message was one of a cautious, phased reopening whose progress will depend on the figures staying in positive territory, with an insistence that health will remain the top priority.

The Business Today reflects this position, arguing that decisions must continue being informed by scientific data and sober risk assessments with the understanding that measures can be re-introduced if the epidemiological situation changes

The Independent refers to former President Coleiro Preca’s request for an apology by Labour but argues that in the wake of the scandals that have besieged the country in recent years, this will not be enough unless Labour distances itself completely from Muscat and all that happened under his leadership.

L-Orizzont describes the impact of the pandemic on Europe as disastrous, with social restrictions leading not only to a rise in unemployment but to increased social tension. The Editor argues that the way the pandemic was handled in Malta has avoided such situations.

In-Nazzjon takes the Labour Party to task for wrecking the country’s reputation, arguing that the country can never move forward with the same party and people at the helm.

The Malta Business Weekly urges people to get vaccinated saying that such act is crucial in the country’s efforts to return back to normality.

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