Maltese Editors Perspectives

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The Times follows up on the tax arrears of political parties suggesting that Malta is already suffering immensely because of the corrupt public governance of the last few years. The Editor argues that the tax authorities and banks should have no reverential respect for political parties that default on their repayment agreements.

The Independent says that in the post-pandemic society, educating people about mental health must be a priority. It expresses concern that we do not yet know what kind of long-term impact the pandemic will have on our society mentally. Consequently, the Editor says efforts must be done on tackling mental health problems now.

L-Orizzont tackles the rising costs of banking loans for the purchasing of property saying that this is tying down young people throughout their lives. The Editor argues that this situation is untenable and it cannot be possible that the market continues to drive prices in this manner, in consideration that housing is a basic right to all.

In-Nazzjon looks at recent decisions taken by Government saying that they are symptomatic of an administration which has no direction, adding that this situation is even more visible in Gozo.