Maltese Editors Perspectives

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The Times of Malta says that is up to our political leaders to save the local agriculture industry from extinction. They should start with a strategy aimed at compensating the owners of agriculture land more equitably while guaranteeing farmers the security of tenure that they need to invest in their future.

The Malta Independent discussed recent news that waiting lists for social housing have decreased significantly in recent years, suggesting an improvement in the quality of life of the Maltese population. However, the editor cautions against resting on our laurels and insists on the need of supporting people in the transition towards a post-pandemic economy.

L-Orizzont argues that an unfortunate effect of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 was the fuelling of further restrictions on human rights, noting the US Patriot Act as a prime example of such situation.

In-Nazzjon says that the country deserves a change for the better after years in which tie-ups between Government and organised crime have yielded a hefty price to be paid by its citizens.

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