Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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Two papers in print share divergent views on the way forward with mass events; two other editorials tackle constitutional reforms and EU funding.

The Times of Malta looks at constitutional reforms, following proposals by the Venice Commission, concerning particularly the appointment of the President, of the roles of persons of trust, as well as the strengthening of powers for the Attorney-General in corruption cases. 

The Independent takes a hard stance against mass, uncontrolled events that have given rise to a new spike in coronavirus cases in Malta. The Editor argues that such businesses are shameful, putting their own interests above the interests of others living in Malta, but the Editorial also points its fingers at the health authorities and the government for allowing such event to take places in the first place.

L-Orizzont takes a different stance, saying that mass events should not be banner, but rather, the appropriate mitigation measures should be followed. It also rails against scaremongering, insisting that the country has already suffered alot with a quasi-lockdown of two months, and at the stage it was imperative that the economy remained open.

In-Nazzjon continues to discuss the recent EU funding package saying that the Labour Party is today enjoying the benefits of EU membership despite being adamantly against up to a few years back. The Editorial calls on Government to consult widely on the allocation of the new financial package to ensure that the resources are handed out in an equitable way which ensures a fairer society for all.

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