Maltese Editors’ Viewpoints

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Four different topics are tackled by our local editors in Monday’s print, discussing some of the themes which would have made it to Sunday’s lunch tables.

The Independent seeks to put into context the recent ‘saga’ related to the blackfacing of an Othello character on stage. The Editor argues that the real racism does not lie in painting someone’s face to represent a fictional character, but rather the daily abuse of migrants being charged exorbitant fees for poor accommodation, the way migrants are being used for building and domestic issues as well as hate speech online.

The Times’ dedicates its Editorial to the booming tourism sector, calling at the same time for all stakeholders not to rest on their laurels. Although the results over the past years have been positive, there are potential pitfalls in ignoring the rapid deterioration of the product – most notably the state of the environment and Malta’s gridlocked roads. The Editor calls on Government to listen to the hoteliers’ association who are seeking an agreement for a medium-term plan for the industry. This should, argues the Leader, consider not only the economic benefits for the operator, but also the costs and benefit for the wider community.

L-Orizzont considers an issue which most parents and their school children will certainly relate to – the weight of school bags. The Editor refers to guidelines which have been issued in this regard as well as a consultation process which is currently seeking opinions on such matters. These initiatives will, with the support of educators and parents, improve the educational voyage of our students.

In-Nazzjon questions Malta’s preparedness for a coronavirus outbreak on the islands, particularly at our national hospital. It reflects concerns expressed by the Malta Union for Nurses and Midwives on the adequacy of such preparations, while at the same time seeking answers to the issue that despite being the major European country to be hit with the virus, ships from Italy, carrying both passengers and goods, are still being granted entry.

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