MEA Announces Tangible Support for Business in the Area of Business Transformation

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The Malta Employers Association’s EU-Funded project branded “Regeneration Plan for Workplaces” culminated in a Final Conference which was organised to great success recently with the participation of entrepreneurs, management professionals, research experts, senior social partner representatives and the Head of the European Commission Representation in Malta.
The event was intended to present the research and tangible outcome emerging from the initiative.

The MEA explained how the project stemmed from its resolve to support employers in a tangible manner following the experience during COVID which exposed deficiencies in the overall capacity in the adaptation and management of business transformation.
To this end, the MEA as lead partner, joined forces with SGI Europe and the General Workers Union to conduct ground-breaking research on the identification of bottlenecks in business transformation that can often be caused by weak planning and communication. Poor alignment between management and employees may sometimes impede transformation projects from taking-off the ground, whilst others deprive the employer, the employee or both from reaping the full benefit of change.

The MEA explained how it took the initiative to seek the necessary resources from European Commission sources to
Identify challenges posed by capacity and adaptation gaps in the management of change; design and document solutions for enterprises for strengthening the their change management capacity post COVIDCOVID, as well as new business strategies for sustainable workplace transformation; and create a framework of knowledge sharing across local and European levellevels, th through the mobilization of trans nnational EU social partn partners and employer-representative bodies.

A Workshop in Brussels amongst European Social Partners aimed at validating the applicability of the research on a European scale, given it was based on a Maltese sample.
But the highlight of the project is the articulation of a Change Management Manual called ‘Regeneration Plan to Build Stronger Workplaces’ Workplaces’. In fact, the knowledge gained from this project as well as the exchange of best practice, having been carefully analysed and validated will form an integral part of this practical toolkit for business. The Manual will shortly be available in several European languages to serve as a step-by-step guide for companies to utilize during their business transformation and/or upgrading processes.
In opening the Conference entitled “Resilience to Change: Building Strong Models for a Sustainable Business”, the MEA President, Ms Joanne Bondin acknowledged the valuable input of all stakeholders in the project which is nearing its successful completion.

She said that the project fulfilled its promise of creating a network and framework for promoting and sharing best practices at the national and European levels. She said that Employer organisations across Europe are now ready to guide their members towards treating change proactively and with a positive mindset. “Thanks to our initiative, Employer organizations throughout Europe are better equipped to provide tangible value to their members and communities through anticipation, preparation, and adaptation strategies for change. The MEA is confident that the outcomes of this project will lead to more resilient workplaces across Europe.” she concluded.

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