Mercedes-Benz: Europe likely won’t be ready for all-electric sales by 2030

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Mercedes-Benz does not expect its sales in Europe to be all-electric by 2030 but will have its line-up ready, Chief Executive Ola Kaellenius said in an interview at the Munich car show.

The premium carmaker has long said it is targeting all-electric sales by 2030 “where markets allow”, saying customers will ultimately decide what product they want and pointing to the need for infrastructure to support the transition to electric vehicles (EV).Europe’s EV market had grown significantly in recent years but likely wouldn’t be ready for all-electric sales by 2030, Kaellenius said on the sidelines of the Munich show.”It’s not going to be 100% in 2030, obviously… from the whole European market, but probably from the Mercedes side as well,” he said.”We will be ready … but we will also have tactical flexibility,” he said, referring to the ability to produce electric or combustion-engine vehicles on the same production line.His comments chime with a growing sense of caution among major global carmakers about scaling up EV production and uptake as regulatory targets limiting fossil fuel-emitting cars draw nearer.

via Reuters

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